I/O Manager - Did you have to upgrade to expensive provisioned-I/O disks? Maybe you just need to set the kernel’s I/O scheduler. I/O Manager lets you easily control the I/O scheduler for all your cloud drives.
Disk Performance Optimizer - Get the performance of expensive, provisioned disks at the price of cheaper, mass-storage disks. Disk Performance Optimizer automatically places small, fast drives as cache in front of large, slow drives, according to your preferences.
Filesystem Manager - Splitting filesystems can be required for compliance, but can also improved performance by separating different types of I/O workloads. Filesystem Manager automatically splits filesystems of new VMs according to your specifications.
Swap Optimizer - A little bit of swap can free up valuable RAM by giving a place for startup-only data to move out of the way. Swap Optimizer helps you find that sweet spot, then automatically configure your fleet of VMs.